Eye See You - A Mini Blog On Why I Love To Knit Eyes

Eye see you, I see ewe? The English language is not my strong point. It never was, in school I would scrape by on a pass if I tried really, really hard. Thank you dyslexia. My dyslexia is still prevalent today, mistaking whole words for others or even erasing them completely.

So, why eyes?

The knitted eyes as seen on the Eyes All Over Jumper was conceived and developed by these ties to language and the emotions it held. The feelings of not being smart enough, not being seen or heard of as someone with an intelligent answer. To be thought of as stupid.

The eye represents being seen, to be seen for who you are as a whole. To be noted, I am here and I have something to say. It's a very powerful and repetitive image within Chunky Boy. With our latest mini release singlets also displaying a bold eye.


What feelings and emotions does an eye hold for you?


Love Lillie xx

Chunky Boy Logo. Handmade knitwear label, Melbourne.



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  • Jasmin On

    Wow – this is so powerful. It takes courage to share your story and hopefully this will encourage others to find their strength to also be seen. Kia kaha.

  • Jasmin On

    Wow – this is so powerful. You’re so brave to share your stories and encourage others to find the strength to be seen too. Kia kaha xx

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