What's in a name? - Chunky Boy

I wonder if Juliet would think Chunky Boy would "smell as sweet"?

What better way to start my blog than with the name. Surrounded with compliments and quizzical expressions, Chunky Boy is more than a sweet name. It is a symbol of a dream and the journey of self-trust, determination and a fuck ton of hard work.


Sitting on the floor of my small, dimly lit lounge, I stared at the knitting machine. Bits of cardboard surrounded me from when I clawed my way in. Every single emotion was pulsing through my body. With one final question, what have I done?

Twelve months ago my self-trust was fickle, thinking about the $5000 I had just parted with had only feed the self-doubt monster. A far cry from the strong, level headed and empowered woman I am today.

When the world felt like it was caving in and I had made the biggest mistake of my life; starting my own business. I made this decision. To make my business the biggest accomplishment of my life. To quote Lao Tzu, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." So I gave myself a single task, a name.


Chunky comes from the knitting machine I use, it is a 8-12 ply machine which is called a bulky/chunky machine. Boy because it is fun to say after chunky. Really drag out the "oi" and say it like "CHUNKY BOOOOOOOIII."

My favourite part about the name is when emails led with, "Hi chunky" 😂.

Love Lillie xx

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