NEW THRILLS - The Up-cycled Collection

One-off, zero-waste up-cycled clothes.

Highlighting the already made through reinventing and transforming the old into the new. Zero-waste sourcing and design keep good quality clothes out of landfill. Each garment has been carefully selected for its potential and reinvented into something new, just for you to treasure.

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What Is Up-Cycling?

Up-cycling is the process of taking something ‘old’ and turning it into something ‘new.’ It’s commonly used when talking about fashion but can actually be applied to a broad range of circumstances and industries, from furniture design to manufacturing.

In fashion, up-cycling involves taking clothing and material that would otherwise be thrown into landfill and making a new garment. In Australia, a startling amount of textile material is disposed of every year. Most of this cannot be recycled in the traditional sense — but it can be up-cycled!

There are many benefits to wearing up-cycled clothes, the most obvious being it protects the environment and preserves our limited natural resources. In addition, up-cycling can be a significant cost-saver, as ‘second-hand’ fabric tends to be cheaper than new fabric. Check out your local op-shop to see what we mean!

From a fashion perspective, wearing up-cycled t-shirts and clothing enables you to curate your individual style and aesthetic with greater freedom to express yourself.

Chunky Boy Knits — For Stylish, Sustainable Fashion

Chunky Boy Knits is passionate about offering our customers stylish, sustainable fashion. Every knit is handmade in Melbourne using locally sourced 100% Australian Merino Wool. With a focus on slow fashion, Chunky Boy Knits aims to provide customers with an avenue to express themselves without doing damage to the environment.

New Thrills is one of our most recent collections and offers a broad range of pieces for every style, shape, and occasion.

Consider our Daisy Face T-Shirt, for example. Carefully selected from an op-shop for its high-quality construction, the Daisy Face up-cycled t-shirt is embellished with 3D daisy flowers for a fun, unique look. 

If you’re looking for something a little bit warmer, check out the Beer Jumper. A quality op-shop find embellished with two beer elbow patches for a garment that stands out from the crowd.  

All of Chunky Boy Knits’ up-cycled clothes are unique and have a focus on sustainability. For more style inspiration, check out our previous collections, including One-Off-Beauties, Ready To Ship, Starry Eyes, and Snug Life.

Alternatively, design your own knit with Chunky Boy Knits! Shop now!

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