Scrunchies are the perfect way to finish off your outfit. Whether you’re rocking a full knit ensemble or just looking for a splash of colour in your hair, Chunky Boy Knits have the scrunchie for you.

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Our range of handmade scrunchies is made right here in Melbourne from 100% Australian Merino Wool sourced locally from Bendigo. Merino wool is durable, breathable, moisture-wicking and odour resistant, making it the perfect material to fashion colourful rainbow scrunchies. 

Why Wear A Scrunchie? 

Scrunchies aren’t just for kids. There is a range of reasons you might choose to wear one in your hair or even to decorate your wrist.

Firstly, a handmade scrunchie tends to be far better for your hair than a standard elastic. While elastics can break and splinter your hair, a scrunchie boasts an extra layer of soft fabric as protection. This is particularly true for Chunky Boy Knits’ range of handmade scrunchies in Australia, which are made from soft, durable Merino wool.

A scrunchie is also a fun accessory that can add a dash of colour and spark to your day. Whether you opt for our Speckled Scrunchie, Rainbow Scrunchie, or Two Colour Scrunchie, all will elevate your outfit in a fun, stylish way.

Scrunchies — Types and Colours

Chunky Boy Knits offers three types of handmade scrunchies, all equally popular amongst our customers.

Speckled Scrunchie

Made from unique, colour-shifting wool, the colour of each Speckled Scrunchie is distinctive and quirky. Don’t limit yourself to a fixed colour — shine with speckled sophistication.

Rainbow Scrunchie

Brighten up your day with a Rainbow Scrutchie from Chunky Boy Knits. All the colours of the rainbow are featured in this high-quality accessory knitted from durable, moisture-wicking, odour-resistant Australian Merino wool.

Two Colour Scrunchie

Create your own unique, personalised Two Colour Scrunchie. Choose from a vast range of colours and hues to design your dream accessory and stand out from the crowd. 

Chunky Boy Knits — For Handmade Scrunchies In Australia

If you’re searching for handmade scrunchies in Australia, look no further. Chunky Boy Knits offer sustainable, durable, unique products that are the perfect accessory for your wardrobe. 

What’s even better, by shopping with Chunky Boy Knits, you’re supporting a socially responsible business. Chunky Boy Knits make regular donations to a range of charities, including Djirra, Sacred Heart Mission, and Mahboba’s Promise. 

With eco-friendly packaging and locally sourced materials, Chunky Boy Knits is your destination for stylish, socially responsible clothing. Shop now!


🙌🏼  Brighten up your 'do' with a Speckled Scrunchie! Handmade in Melbourne, pick your colour. The perfect accessory to add a little pizzazz and that splash of colour to your look (Oh, and no more bad hair...days!). 🐑 Handmade with 100%...



🙌🏼  Forget all the dull, boring scrunchies - say hello to the wild and wonderful Rainbow Scrunchie! Make any bad hair day a colourful celebration of fabulousness with this six-hued accessory that's sure to be the life of the party....



🙌🏼  Brighten up your 'do' with a Two Colour Scrunchie! Handmade in Melbourne, fully customisable, pick your own colours. The perfect accessory to add a little pizzazz and that splash of colour to your look (Oh, and no more bad hair...days!). 🐑...



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