Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style: The Role of Colour, Body Type and Personal Likes in Fashion.

In the world of fashion, discovering and embracing your personal style is a transformative journey. It involves a unique blend of colours, body type considerations and a personal flair that join forces to create a look that is distinctly yours. This blog post will delve into how these elements influence your style choices and help you create a wardrobe capsule that ultimately reflects you.


The Role of Colour 

Colours have a remarkable ability to influence our mood and communicate a message. When it comes to fashion, understanding the impact of colours is key to developing your personal style. Different colours evoke different emotions and can highlight or downplay your unique characteristics and attributes.

For example, wearing bold and vibrant hues can make a statement, while muted tones offer a more subtle and sophisticated look. Consider your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour when choosing colours that compliment your features. Experiment with different shade to find what makes your feel confident and empowered.

Shop from clothing brands like Chunky Boy that have a wide range of colour options and allow you to pick your own colour combos to make your clothing truly yours.


Embrace your Body Type

Each body is unique and understanding your body type is crucial in dressing to flatter your figure and highlight your best features. Whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle body shape, there are specific clothing styles and cuts that will enhance your silhouette.

For example, if you have an hourglass figure, accentuating your waist with a cropped chunky cardigan can emphasise your curves. Alternatively, if you have a pear-shaped, A-lined skirts and wide-leg pants can create a balanced look. Embrace your body type and choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.


Personal Likes and the Key to Authenticity

Personal preference plays a significant role in defining your personal style. What you love and what resonates with you personally should be at the core of your fashion choices. Incorporating your hobbies, interests and lifestyle into your wardrobe allows you to express yourself authentically.

If you are a fan of bohemian aesthetics, then your go-to might be clothes made with natural fibres and neutral tones. If you have a bold and edgy personality, then experimenting with statement pieces like colourful knit jumpers can reflect that. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression and embracing your personal likes will help you create a style that feels true to who you are.


Discovering your personal style is a journey, one that combines all three of these elements, colour, body type considerations and personal preferences. By understanding how these factors impact your style choices you can curate a wardrobe that showcases your individuality and boosts your confidence. Embrace the power of colours, celebrate your unique body type, and let your personality guide you towards a fashion expression that is 100% yours.

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