Chunky Boy is a growing collection of snuggle, rainbow-trip inspired knitwear. Specialising in limited edition, timeless, luxe knits you can love forever.

Slow-fashion that's 100% handmade by me, Lillie. Sustainable and grounded in an ethical ethos. Bold colour combos and whimsical motifs, Chunky Boy is anything but ordinary.

At its heart, Chunky Boy is about finding a place where you belong. I have never felt like I fit into the normal contracts of society or the square boxes it attempts to impose on you. Chunky Boy is about expression, being able to feel comfortable in your own clothes, your own skin.

As someone who has wrestled with the black dog, Chunky Boy is about empowering people to embrace flaws, struggles, negative feeling and channel it into a positive outlook. Chunky Boy clothes are a hug from someone you love, to give you the power to shine on. Chunky boy stands by its ethics of being all-inclusive, allowing for everyone to be acknowledged. 

No exclusions, just kindness and respect towards everyone.

Why rainbow-trip? Rainbows are marvellous! They elicit a sense of light, joy and freedom, the calm after the storm and the promise of sunshine. As someone who suffers daily with depression, social anxiety and C-PTSD. Dressing in bright, whimsical, all the colour at once combos is a way for me to cope with the day. The term 'rainbow-trip' breeds strength to face the day and shine on through at the promise of tomorrow.