Chunky Boy Knits. Inclusive Fashion.


Chunky Boy lives and breathes "comfort but make it cool." Bringing dream knits to life fills me with so much joy. I am obsessed. I love making fun, whimsical knits that transcend trends, timeless heirlooms if you will.

Staying ahead of the flock and forming my own path is paramount. Enabling me to produce quality, dopamine inducing, rainbow-infused luxury knitwear. Chunky Boy is anything but ordinary!

Every knit is handmade by me (center) in my home studio in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. I'm originally from a very small (very, very small) town in New Zealand called Whakatu. But Melbourne is where I call home. Combining the best of 'slow fashion' with ethical sourcing and zero-waste production, Chunky Boy strives towards 'zero' environmental impact

As an Autistic, ADHD creative with Synesthesia, colour plays a huge role in the knits I make. Colours are felt and hold significant emotions that directly relate to memories and relationships. This is a driving force behind everything you see here. The knitwear I create directly reflects how I felt on that day/the mood I was in. My knitwear is a reflection of me. One I hope, will bring you joy for many years to come.

Lillie xx