Brown Beanie. Chunky Boy Knits.
Everything and I mean absolutely everything is handmade by me, Lillie. The definition of a small business 😌. Knitting stuff makes me happy, wearing comfy clothes makes me happy and why not make those clothes cool as fuck! You could say my motto is; "comfort but make it cool."
You will find me knitting one-off gems or limited editions as my mind is a magical place with a constant stream of weirdly wonderful ideas that must be made. I make to order with a zero-waste design process to create mindful knits that will last you a lifetime, not just a season.
I'm originally from a very small (very, very small) town in New Zealand called Whakatu. But Naarm/Melbourne is where my heart belongs. It's where all these wonderful knits are made with locally sourced super snuggly Australian Merino Wool.
Chunky Boy is 100% Disability owned and made, being diagnosed with L2 Autism along with ADHD, CPTSD, Synesthesia and few other sprinkles of what the fuck. Colour plays a huge role in the knits I make. Colours are not only seen but they are felt, and hold significant emotions that directly relate to memories and relationships. It is both a hinderance and a non-stop source of creativity.
This is a driving force behind all the knitwear you see here, it's a reflection of all the wonderfully weird places inside my mind. It's wearable art, art you can wear, to bring you joy in your everyday life.
Lillie xx


FRANKIE MAGAZINE - Issue 107 (Pages: 24, 60 - 61).

FRANKIE MAGAZINE - Issue 115 (Page 15)

LUCYS MAGAZINE - Volume 65 (Pages: 136 - 141 and Back Cover).

LUCYS MAGAZINE - Volume 63 (Pages: Front Cover, 198, 201 and 205).