Why Wool Hats Are Coming Back In Style

The wool hats fashion comeback is no surprise. Hats, overall, are in during 2022. And there's nothing better to keep your noggin warm than a hand-knitted beanie. 

If you have no one to knit you a nice lifelong beanie, then fear not. Chunky boy's collection of handmade beanies is here for you. 

Wool Hats

Knitwear came into public popularity around the time we were all locked in and looking for ways to spend our time. Now that we're out and about, we don't have the same freedom to knit all day and night. But that doesn't mean our love for wool hats has diminished!

There's just something about a wool hat that makes you feel cosy and put together.

Merino wool is as comfortable, cool, and naturally breathable - and best of all it is buttery soft. In addition to keeping you warm, it is also organic and ethically sourced. 

A wool hat or beanie is perfect for cold weather activities. Keeping you snug and comfortable during all your winter adventures

Wool Beanie

Wool is an extremely versatile material. It can be used to create a wide variety of beanie styles (pom-pom included or not). Wool beanies offer a great deal of protection from the cold weather. Wool is an excellent insulator, so it will keep your head warm even on the chilliest days - especially on those windy days. Whether colour blocking or flower power. The variety of styles will maintain a timeless feel. 

The street style roots of the beanie design really show in our designs. 

Choose the design and colour of wool you’d like. Tailor-made to your taste and personal experience. You can’t go wrong with any of our options. And every purchase you make will contribute to charity donations. 

Every year, over 6000 tons of clothing material are discarded in landfills. Many with tags on them from fast fashion suppliers. Bought mindlessly and discarded in the same spirit. 

When you shop Chunky Boy, none of that mindlessness is afforded. Where every piece of material and labour is ethically accounted for. You’ll rest easy knowing that no inhumane sweatshop labour was involved. If you can’t afford to pay all at once, there are layby options available to you. 

Once you get your knit beanie delivery, you will feel the joy we put into it.

So if you're looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your head warm this winter, consider investing in a wool hat from Chunky Boy. Handmade in Naarm, using zero-waste methods. 

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