Chunky Boy is 100% Handmade, 100% Slow-fashion. Zero-waste design.



All knitwear is handmade with traditional knitting needles and/or a domestic bulky knit machine and seamed by hand. A bulky knit machine is a large hand operated tool (no power) that allows you to knit with more than two needles at a time. The benefits of using this are; I can pay myself a living wage without causing major injury and I can keep knit production times below 2 weeks.
Made to order means there is no excess or left over garments. Every stage of production/knitting the pattern is carefully calculated to utilise materials and ensure zero-waste production. Garments are knitted to the exact size and shape, eliminating excess fabric. All excess yarn threads are used to make pom poms and stuffing for our draw scent bags (sent out with all jumper and cardigan orders).



Chunky Boy locally sources Australian Merino Wool in 8-20 ply (22 micron non-mulesed). From Bendigo Woollen Mills, Wangaratta Woollen Mills and Nundle Woollen Mills which are located within Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. Chunky Boy loves supporting local communities and keeping all manufacturing processes within Australia.
Merino Wool is a natural fibre that is environmental friendly and bio-degradable.



All items are shipped in 100% Recycled Cardboard Boxes (re-use or recycle again) or compostable mailers from The Better Packaging Co. The shipping labels are compostable too. To top it all off, they are sent via SendleAustralia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.